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Welcome to Majbackens Kennel. We who run the kennel are called Tilde Fernstedt and Erik Holkko. We live on a farm outside Ockelbo together with our three miniature schnauzers. Tilde has had the honor of passing on Majbackens Kennel after my grandmother Jeanette Almén who ran it from 1983 onwards. You can read more about it under "Majbacken's history".

Tilde is currently studying to become a Forensic Scientist and is expected to complete her studies in June 2022. During the autumn of 2021, Tilde has completed SKK's Breeder Training. On the farm, Tilde also runs a dog grooming where she receives all dog breeds for everyday grooming. Erik is a trained firefighter and works as a sales manager.

Our everyday life consists of dog training, cooking and a lot of time in the woods with our dogs.

We will soon start breeding miniature schnauzers on a smaller scale. We are very happy that you have found here and are interested in our dogs.
Feel free to contact us if you have any thoughts.


Tilde & Erik

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