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One of the oldest dog breeders in Sweden

Majbacken's history

Started in 1983


Jeanette Almén

Majbackens Kennel was founded in 1983 by my grandmother Jeanette Almén in Backberg on the farm "Majbacken" just outside Sandviken. In 1984  saw her first litter with black Schnauzer light.

Between 1984 and 2002, she bred 395 Schnauzers and Miniature Schnauzers. Of those 395, 297 were Black Schnauzer which was also what she held closest to her heart and was well successful with. The remaining 98 were Dwarf Schnauzers, and one of them "Majbacken's best design" is the dog that is the basis for our current "Pipehill's one of a kind".  

In the picture we see Jeanette Almén together with the Schnauzer
INT UCH NORD V-95 SE UCH SE V-89 SE V-90-92-94-95 Skansen's Like Grody Dude "Gordon".


In 2021, it is 19 years since her last litter was born and then I take Tilde Fernstedt's grandchildren to Jeanette together with my fiancé Erik over the kennel. We will do our utmost to manage this fine heritage and at least initially breed black Miniature Schnauzer.  

Maybe you have a dog or other connection to Majbacken's kennel?

Feel free to write in our guestbook or send an email and tell us. It's always fun with a little feedback.

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